Monday, May 26, 2014

Water table

Who would have thought a Tupperware box full of water would have ever been so entertaining. Definitely one of our favorite outdoor things to do right now.

Camp out

Well attempted camp out, we have been living in our backyard this week and we decided to try camping out in the backyard. We had fun trying to put up the tent and Wyatt kept on trying to push it down. When we got Wyatt to bed we we had a movie night in the tent with s'mores and watched Delhi Safari for the 50th time. We had picked up glow sticks that day so after the movie we played in the dark, glow stick necklaces make great frisbees and we played flashlight tag too. We read our books and then laid under the stars we'll not really it was a cloudy night and although there was supposed to be a meteor shower we couldn't see anything but Aubrey kept thinking she saw shooting stars which really were just airplanes. It was going to get colder that night anyway so we headed inside and went to bed in our own beds. Even though we didn't sleep it still was a great first camp out.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello summer

Summer is here, we were wearing sweaters and jeans last week and now the kids smell like sunscreen, have dirty feet (because we rarely wear shoes in the backyard) the breeze is flowing through the windows, the smell of BBQ is constant, and playing with water happens almost daily. Aubrey loves playing with one of the neighbor girls that is 5. Today we filled up a Tupperware container and called it a water table (that is after we emptied the container of Legos and somehow we have enough Legos to fill an entire trash bag!!! I love sitting and watching kids play it is relaxing in such a mom kind of way. Summer 2014 I hope you are a great one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I think I can, I think I can

Every time I say I'm going to blog I fall short. Wyatt is already 1, Aubrey will start preschool in the fall. Seriously time flies and I NEED to document these times because we love looking back on our life in Tennessee but I also want to remember our life here and now. Aubrey loves looking at old pictures of her and one day so will Wyatt. So Wyatt I'm sorry mommy is a slacker it's not that your first year wasn't amazing and awesome but with 2 kids life gets busy and with more I bet it only gets busier so I am going to try soooo hard to document you and your sisters little years. Mommy loves you two so much and I want to remember what days were like taking naps, filling sippy cups, nursing sessions while aubs plays abc mouse, running around in the yard barefoot, playing hopscotch, and all the other things that seem so familiar now but one day will seem like lifetimes ago. So here's our days lately....

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy new year!!

We rang in the new year(or at least 9 o'clock) with great friends and their families over in Illinois. There were 11 kids and it brought a whole new meaning to a crazy New Year's Eve party. There were kids running everywhere. I think its so neat that I've stayed so close to my friends from high school and that you are now friends with their kids too. We realized 4 of the babies will all be in the same grade later on in life. Aubrey didn't wanted to bring her dress up clothes and a little McDonald's toy Dorothy because she remembered her friend had the witch but not Dorothy. Aubrey Lynne your memory amazes me!!! You remember the slightest detail all the time, its so neat to see when you remember something from so long ago. We can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us and to see if we'll know where our road leads to after residency finishes up in May 2015. We definitely were blessed this year with n adorable, healthy little boy and to our little girl who always makes us laugh and gets us always trying to figure this parenting thing out. Happy new year!

Boys will be boys

Wyatt is starting to love any toys that are loud enough to bang on the kitchen tile floor and today he figured out a truck wheels go back and forth on the floor. So cute watching him learn something new.

Aubrey is our 100% girl that loves dress up and usually doesn't even put normal clothes on in the morning since she's constantly changing dress up, here's her Snow White that she usually gets an apple from the fridge and takes bites and falls over pretending she ate a poison apple.

Happy thanksgiving!

We spent thanksgiving over at aunt Sharon's and Wyatt are a great thanksgiving feast probably more than Aubrey. He had his first bite of turkey and ate some green beans. The biggest difference between boys and girls is this boy knows how to eat!!! When he starts eating he means business and I swear he's a bottomless pit, then my little bird on the other hand barely eats anything. I think it won't be long before Wyatt starts cleaning Aubrey's leftovers off her plate.